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The master is the one who excels in science and skill in a discipline so much that he can teach it to others or be modeled.

In addition to knowing the fundamental and advanced techniques, the Master of Practice in NLP knows how to use it with elegance and ease to better manage the complexities that life tends to throw on our path. She handles them with greater attention and compassion (cum pathos) towards herself and others.

The change is extremely ecological, that is win – win. It takes into account how we were and above all how we want to become. In addition, it takes into account how our actions affect the context in which we live. Change is never for personal purposes only, but with particular attention to the benefit to the whole (us and the rest of the world)

In this path, there is a greater alignment of the head, heart and belly, that is, our three brains, the use of which favors greater balance and greater power in our choices.

Being a Master in a NLP means implementing the assumptions of the NLP in any personal and / or professional life and in any area or function (business, education, sports, parenting, well-being, etc.)

How does the Training Master Practitioner take place?

In the 16 days of training, you will understand, experience and internalize the assumptions on which NLP is based.

The training takes place in a workshop style.

In the workshop mode, techniques are learned through a brief conceptual presentation, followed by a demonstration by the trainer. At this point the participants are ready to experiment with each other, with the supervision of the coach and the assistants. There is a debriefing phase in which to share the various experiences to make them more available and to integrate them into the daily lives of each person.

The 16 days are divided into 7 modules, one per month. This formula allows extensive use of the material learned at its own pace.

Prerequisites for participation

Practitioner Certification (Complete), desire to achieve you more harmoniously.


The certification granted is internationally recognized by NLP University California (native to NLP), Robert Dilts’s Academy of Excellence and Judith DeLozier, the most innovative and ethical trainer in NLP today.

Master Practitioner Content


  • Interiorization of the assumptions
  • Definition of projects with the TOTE
  • Understand the meta programs, namely thought strategies
  • Use of body wisdom

The archetypes

  • Definition and development of the main archetypes
  • Integration of archetypes for their own development
  • Invoke archetypes in transition / change moments
  • Sponsorship with archetypes

Orchestra the beliefs

  • Update limiting beliefs according to natural processes
  • Reimprinting, ie how to offer resources to the self of the past
  • Sleight of Mouth, language techniques to disguise beliefs
  • The use of mentors to strengthen the beliefs

Transformational Leadership

  • New maps for leadership
  • Techie for autoleadership
  • How to facilitate co-alignment with others
  • How to sponsor others

Orchestrate Diversity

  • Feel comfortable in diversity
  • Diversity as a co-evolutionary factor
  • The system connection with the universe
  • Toward the mystery

Integration and Certification

Dedicated to integrate the learning of the path, generalizing them more in contexts of daily life.


Master Practitioner 2019
The course is offered in 7 modules (= 16 days) in Milan:

  • 15-16 February
  • 07-08-09 March
  • 05-06 April
  • 10-11 May
  • 31-01 June
  • 20-21 September
  • 10-11-12 October

From 9.00 to 17.30

Book now:
To participate at the training is simple, just fill out the Participation Form or for more information call Alex at 0331.421496 – 335.6901222
E.mail: info@educserv.com

Application – Master Practitioner
To confirm your attendance at the workshop, download the application, fill in all parts and send it back to us: training@educserv.com

For any further information, please contact us at 0331-421496