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We support organizations to be not only places for maximizing profit, but places where people can work not only for the good of the company, but also for their own individual accomplishment, happiness and well-being.

All of our workshops, besides being practical, are a source of great inspiration for continuing to improve.

Their distinctive quality is that they teach not only how to do, but always point to who to become, while mastering the techniques.
Our workshops are tailored to the needs of the customer.

Mode of Operation

Our trainings take place in a mixed style of workshop (learning lab) and group coaching.

They develop through discussions and explorations to facilitate the clear definition of goals and how to reach them. An important part is devoted to exercises (role play, simulations) tailored to the reality of the participants, which serve to improve their skills by practicing the concepts to learn. These exercises are articulated with explanations, demonstrations and debriefing.

The workshop style with group coaching allows people to learn new tools in a practical way, and especially to orchestrate and interiorize them so that they become immediately usable.

Some of the themes we have developed are:



  • Trusting your abilities
  • Make a difference, express yourself the best
  • Contributing to a wider system
  • Increase the pride of belonging to a special group



  • Being a reference point, credible and authentic for others
  • Express yourself as a coach, allowing everyone to excel
  • Ensure and enhance the achievement of the goals
  • Develop more effective and more responsive teams

Empathic Communication


  • Communicate more effectively, touching both the rational and the emotional part
  • Create greater trust, essential for good sharing of information
  • Develop intuitive intelligence, read between the lines
  • Cultivate the desire to meet again

Team Spirit


  • Greater passion and enthusiasm for work by combining rational intelligence and emotional intelligence
  • Greater job ownership, which goes beyond the job specification
  • Greater precision and accountability in carrying out tasks
  • Greater spirit of membership in projects and organization

Ride the change


  • Establish clear objectives (who you want to become)
  • Be more agile in responding to change
  • Living change as a growth opportunity
  • Revitalize the day, avoid excessive stress

Manager as a Coach


  • Accompany your organization to reach new peaks
  • Facilitate staff growth and autonomy
  • Have more autonomy in your role
  • Facilitate self-realization of self and others

Customer Experience


  • Create a real partnership with the customer
  • Connect with the customer
  • Create your own niche of excellence
  • Encourage innovation