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Harmonizing the internal and external worlds to experience more fully the mystery that permeates.

Education: from the Latin educere, to lead forth. This means allowing each person to shine, expressing their best for harmony and joy in the system we live in.

Service: This quote from Tagore echoes eloquently what it is for us. “I slept and I dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”

What People Say ?

Through this course I have grown up as a man and as a professional.

What People Say ?

Free from the conditioning of the past and the active energy account, I chose to be the protagonist of my actions. I have the awareness that improvement and change go from seeing maps that offer me more choices, more chances to interpret what I’m experiencing.

What People Say ?

I understood during the “trip” that this was far more than a series of techniques, it was a journey of spirit. The course has opened up doors to some values of identity and spirit that I will continue to work on.

What People Say ?

Better predisposition to dealing with situations / people as it is confident to have much more resources than I thought I had. Now I see things differently.

What People Say ?

The rise to Mount Analogue has been an important, rich and colorful journey; the person who initiated it at the beginning is no longer the same as it has arrived.

What People Say ?

One of the messages that I will take home at the end of this path is that “all the resources are in the system”.

What People Say ?

At a stage when I thought I’d come to the well-equipped base camp for fighting with some “dragons”, embarking on this trip to the Analog Mount has questioned some of my equipment. I took the superfluous and now I’m ready to deal with the dragons.
All this also thanks to the presence of a solid rope.

What People Say ?

In times of life, everything happens to you and you feel like the ground crumbles under your feet.
PNL does not prevent you from taking these moments, but it helps you to manage them better and more effectively.

What People Say ?

As a HR practitioner, participation in these events is an important step in the process of people’s valorisation.


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