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For whom is coaching

Professionals in all areas who want to rediscover the keys for a better life and a healthier business.

In the prevailing conditions of uncertainty and volatility characterizing the markets today, executives are increasingly required to have a coach, allowing them to have greater clarity in the choices they are constantly called upon to make.

Coaching is a process to enable a person to achieve their goals while at the same time expressing the best of themselves. This allows greater self-realization and a greater sense of harmony and belonging.

Some reasons why a coach is needed:

Necessary change requires:

  • Another type of thought (out of the box)
  • Feeling confident in leaving the old path for a new one
  • Reflecting, planning, and testing
  • Feeling good about making the “right” choices
  • A sponsor who encourages and strengthens the coachee, keeping him or her on the agreed path

Our coaching paths are based on certain assumptions of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), an approach known for its ample scope, characterized by extreme precision, while at the same time maintaining a high relational input.

NLP is an integration of the most valuable existing approaches to change. This allows us to draw on a huge reservoir of techniques to facilitate coaching.

Executive Coaching is a way of transforming dreams into reality. This is done in a climate of trust in which a coachee can feel free to share what hinders them from achieving their goal.

The steps of an Executive Coaching path are:

  • Define the goals and discover the impediments to their achievement
    This is a process of facilitation, through questioning in order to stimulate the coachee to reflect
  • Create action plans
    This is jointly done, plans are co-created
  • Monitor plans with appropriate feedback
    This is a phase of empowerment, in which the coachee is aligned with their values, and stimulated to do more.