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It is now recognized that much of the success in sport resides not only in the muscle, but in the attitude a sportsman can have while performing his sport. It is said that the true opponent is not out on the playing field, but within the sportsman himself.

Some obstacles are:

  • Focus more on any problems one might encounter
  • Inappropriate degree of confidence (too high or too low)
  • The past tormenting one with internal dialog of sabotage
  • Limiting beliefs that do not allow for improvement
  • Feeling demotivated after a failure

The purpose of mental coaching is to train the sportsman in order to reduce the intensity of the obstacles, and to provide them with more positive and constructive approaches.


  • Use your mind to speed up performance improvement
  • Silence any internal sabotage voices
  • Surpass your presumed limits more easily
  • Increase internal motivation
  • Repeat success more consistently, less sporadically
  • Interiorize the winning models of the champions, make them your own
  • Keeping yourself in an optimized state of mind
  • Overcome Traumas and Blocks Derived from Past Failures