Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

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Simple tools, elegant and fast solutions.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of holistic strategies and techniques to improve human skills in various areas of life (business, education, therapy, sports, parenting and many others).

It’s not a method, not even a theory. Instead, it is an empirical multi-sensorial approach, derived from the experiences of people and organizations that have achieved success in their specific field.


NLP studies (models) cognitive and behavioral strategies and offers them, with appropriate customizations to those who want to improve themselves. This transferability is possible because humans have a basic common structure regarding their nervous system and their biological composition, which allows them to learn and learn from others naturally.

The Structure of Reality

According to the NLP model, what makes a human different from another is their unique way of perceiving events through our five senses (for someone the glass is half full, for someone else it is half empty). This gives rise to a unique way of thinking, of processing data and communicating to oneself and to others (for someone a new situation is an opportunity, for someone else the same situation could be a danger).


In the NLP framework, any functional condition can be improved, and when not functional, can be modified and expanded with appropriate techniques, verbal (linguistic), nonverbal, body, mind and spirit (neuro) to restructure (reprogram) the way the person acts.

In the NLP of Educational Services, techniques are far more than simplistic recipes; In fact, they are expertly blended and integrated into a wider frame, which includes the visionary and spiritual spheres of human experience, so as to offer a remarkable harmonious and balanced increase in competence, flexibility and awareness of the improvement processes.


Upgrade our models so that we can decide how to improve the quality of our lives

To expand and better redesign the mental and neurological processes with which we elaborate the reality in which we live


Use the most appropriate verbal and nonverbal language, in support of neurology, for a more effective communication with ourselves and with the world.

NLP, for its explorative nature, can be used in any area of life to achieve effective improvement.

In addition, NLP, being a study of excellence, having found examples of what is acknowledged to work well, these models can be applied to any field of human activity.