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All of our paths have a unique mix of the three intelligences, rational, emotional, and spiritual that knowingly orchestrated lead to an improvement not only for oneself but also for the community.

Rational Intelligence

The ability to analyze, think, think abstractly, use language and to plan the future, but also to know how to access emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence

It refers to self-awareness, social sensitivity, and empathy.

What moves us to act in certain ways and influences our affective part. Without a good development of this we will never be able to make wise decisions.

Spiritual intelligence

It concerns the sense of belonging to something bigger than just actions and thoughts. Spiritus is something that circulates inside us and informs our every action. It refers to the energy that permeates our being, including actions and thoughts, and indicates a direction to which we are headed.

This intelligence refers to the mystery in which we live, that is, “the best things that can not be said because they transcend words.” Things that can only be read and appreciated.

Although NLP paths are practical because they provide tools for change and improvement, the frame is inspired by universal wisdom and recognized success over time.